Best College Or University for Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D.? It Depends

Best College Or University for Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D.? It Depends offending I graduated from said the state with bachelor’s degree physics in two thousand nine and currently attending some of the state kid and masters in physics icons and concentration cannot the main question every high school student has been his.

How much does it matter what college by or university I go to i can speak from the perspective of the science engineering and mathematics yours it’d be interesting to hear commentary from those who studied some of the social sciences or business for long first I think I your kids answers forum regards to undergraduate it does not matter where you get your undergraduate in education because every single. university in America.

1.University in America:-

Uses the same fricking textbooks for undergraduate classes there’s no benefit to going to m_i_t_ versus Stacey issue and you have the same access to all. The argues research experience for undergrads are supported by the national science foundation that is a must-do if you’re in undergrad and science or engineering matt major for graduate education for graduate p_h_d_ education it really matters you have to research this because you need to go to a university that where there are professors.

That is actively doing research in the area that you want to study. Because graduate-level mph d level research on the sciences and engineering. And if you don’t have people who are highly specialized in the area. That you wish to certain study you’re not going to get good indigestion.

2. Colleges spout professors

So you have to study figure out which colleges spout professors who are actively conducting research in the field you want to stop and also at means that you could have there are there will be professors that will be willing to sponsor your research there point if you’re only goal is to get a masters degree and not a p_h_d_ so you just want to get your master’s degree and go into industry do not go to any university.

3.Master’s degree:-

That offers p_h_d._’s because deign to oppose. All the attention on the p_h_d_ students because a p_h_d_ students are the ones who get Tim grant money. If you are just going for a master’s degree they won’t care about you you’ll get a much better experience. If you go to something like a c issue where the highest degree you can get is a master’s degree. All the professors will be highly invested including you best experience possible because you’re the highest level of education they can provide v only benefit to going to a Stanford for a master’s degree is the main but that brings me to my final point industry how much does it matter what main is on your diploma

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