Explain various kind of miscellaneous insurance:-

Today we will talk about miscellaneous insurance, what happens with this insurance and when it applies, we will discuss all these in bed today, read the list below for more information.

Explain various kind of miscellaneous insurance:-

1, Motor insurance:- belongs to miscellaneous class of insurance but the business is so big that insurance companies have to maintain a separate department this is a terrific class of business motor insurance was first started in the UK the first car appreciated in 18194.

And the first policy was issued in 1895 in India motor bicycle at was issues in 139 the act was the same as that of UK the only difference is that in UK Tarif in withdrawn but India Tarif government the insurance the basic principles applicable to motor insurance are the some as there are in property and liability insurance.

Mein auto most good fat in suitable, interest, subrogation and contribution, and pro causes are the principle of motor insurance different types of motor policy are act only policy third party only and compressive policy.

2) burglary insurance:-the the burglary means crime of breaking into a house by night to steal or breaking and entering into premise of another with visible science of the forced entry in insurance freelance it means the daft at night from premises following country by violet and forklift means as well as v by a person already on the premises who subsequently back but Bhai violent and forcible means like other form in which relevant information must be furnished.

3) personal accident insurance:-personal accident insurance is one of the popular class of accident insurance and being supplement to like insurance it present on idle protection against death of disability caused by accidental injury thought the maturity of the policies steel issues are tu individuals it has found favor with employer who offers personal accident insurance benefit as part of service benefit to their employees.

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