Why pubg banned? How much loss China will lose by banned PUBG Apps?

Why pubg banned? How much loss China will lose by banned PUBG Apps?

PUNG is a battle royal game in the world. This game is one of the world’s topmost playing games in India, its craze is so much that you will definitely find a pub player in every house.

Why pubg banned?

But now a lot of bad news has come for all the PUBG lovers. The bad news is that India has closed 114 apps in the Indian government. Which includes the pubg game. India’s Government has imposed a strict shutdown on the Chinese Apps. The govt. of India is strictly warning not to use any Chinese apps on the citizen of India.

And you all will know that a few days ago 58 apps including Tiktok were closed in India, because no China will be able to run in our country anymore, and all this has been stopped by the official Indian government. And in India, not anyone can play pubes and see Tiktok not download from Playstore. This is Bharat Sarkar has completely stopped.

So let us know why the Indian government has banned Chinese 118 apps including PUBG. So on this, I will tell you 2 reasons first is official and the second is non-official, Know about the First reason, the Government of India has said in his official statement that this app is national against if Soveriganti speaks it in Hindi. Rastrio sampravutha or akhandata ke khilaf hai .

Second reason:- Which seems to me and the country bus of the majority. The conflict between India and India, you all know that every time China violates international rules, China invades India, and attacks. And you all know that China has shown its color all over the country. China which has spread the word around the corona-like virus. Because of which the economy of the whole world is down, it only ends up China.

Looking at all this, India’s Government has done a digital streak to learn a small lesson for China. Whom neither will take anything from China nor give anything. Neither will use any item of China for quoting these 116 Chinese apps.

How much loss China will lose by banned PUBG Apps?

So you all know that the PUBG game was developed in South Korea, this game is of two versions. The first for mobile and second for computers and the mobile versions in India has been discontinued. And with the mobile version, China bought 1.5% and India closed it only. chin has been a loss of 34 billion every day.

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